Global companies closely related to Brazil: meet our new platinum members

  • January 25, 2023
  • Member Spotlight, News

In today’s member spotlight, we welcome and introduce our new platinum members, Denofa and Siem Offshore, respectively one of Fredrikstad’s cornerstone companies with 110 years of history, and a leading offshore vessel provider with 28 vessels in operation worldwide. Learn more about these essential companies in Norway and their close relationship with Brazil.

A sustainable value chain and food safety

Denofa is committed to a sustainable value chain and food safety, and for the past 110 years has produced ingredients for food and feed. Today, the company refines deforestation-free and non-genetically modified soybeans into soy flour, soy oil, and lecithin. Soy flour products are primarily sold in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and the protein supply from soy ensures, among other things, the use of Norwegian grains also as animal feed. Additionally, soybean oil and lecithin are sold throughout Europe as input factors in foodstuffs and feed.

A global company with Brazilian owners

Defona, with its Brazilian owner AMAGGI, has played a significant role in ensuring that all soy imported to Norway is deforestation-free and sustainability certified. This is achieved through strict traceability protocols, ongoing monitoring, and supplier requirements. Through years of dedicated effort, Denofa and AMAGGI have succeeded in raising the bar for supplier requirements and monitoring. Their hard work has produced tangible results, as safe soy production methods are now being embraced by Norway, the Netherlands, and other Nordic countries.

Denofa actively works to strengthen the relationship between Brazil and Norway. In February 2023, a delegation of 26 individuals from Norway and Sweden, including customers, interest companies, students, and employees, will travel to Cuiabá, Mato Grosso in Brazil. The group will engage in dialogue and knowledge exchange with AMAGGI and local NGOs, as well as visit one of the large farms in Itamarati that grow non-genetically modified, deforestation-free soybeans.

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A global offshore vessel provider

Siem Offshore aims to be a leading vessel provider to the offshore oil and gas and renewable industry based on quality and reliability. Established in 2005, the company has expanded its fleet through new builds and strategic acquisitions.

With headquarters in Kristiansand, Siem Offshore has additional offices in Brazil, Canada, Australia, and the USA. They provide a wide range of services with their vessels, equipment, and an experienced crew with a strong focus on health, safety, environment, and quality.

Working towards zero emissions

Siem Offshore is a member of the Norwegian Shipowners Association and shares its goal of zero emissions in 2050. The company is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the natural environment everywhere they operate. Siem Offshore is developing and maturing its ESG work as they move forward and uses established KPIs and accounting metrics following the guidelines from the Norwegian Shipowners Association.

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