On October 24th around 70 members and supporters of BNCC joined in the celebration of the first 10 years of BNCC.  Among the participants were representatives of Norwegian and Brazilian business community, Brazilians living in Norway, organizations like Innovation Norway and INTSOK, the Brazilian embassy in Norway and Norwegian officials from 3 ministries.


In the right hand column of this web page you will find the history of the chamber. (BNCC 10 year History presentation)

The celebration started with a two hour seminar at Shippingklubben where the audience was entertained with a program appealing both to business and culture.


The President of BNCC, Terje Staalstrøm, opened with a review of the 10 years gone by since the constitution of the chamber in October 2002. His presentation was illustrated by a series of slides found together with the history in the right hand column of this web page.

His conclusion was that “with the support of the Norwegian business community and voluntary help from dedicated people throughout these 10 years, BNCC hasgrown to become what the founders wanted – “a promoter of the development of commercial relations between Brazil and Norway.”

Deputy Minister Roger Ingebrigtsen from theNorwegian Ministry of Trade and Commerce conveyed a message from the Norwegian authorities complementing the chamber and its president for the contribution made over these years to the strong and successful Norwegian business presence in Brazil and for the good cooperation between BNCC and Norwegian authorities.



Senior Vice President of STATOIL, Thore Kristiansen, shared with the audience the experience of STATOIL in Brazil. From the start in 2001 the company has seen an impressive growth culminating in the production start 2011 of the Peregrino field. Brazil is seen as one of STATOIL’s most interesting international operations and recent finds, like Pão de Azucar, support this view.   STATOIL’s presentation can be found by clicking on;



On a lighter tone, Founder and CEO Larissa Costa Slottet of CULTURAS, gave a brief presentation entitled “7 tips for a successful business trip to Brazil”.

Cross-cultural specialist Larissa gave a few “freebee” dos and don’ts. If one single tip was to be chosen, it would have to be the last (but definitely not least): “Build personal relationships”. The importance of this cannot be underestimated.



With Brazil hosting the World Championship in soccer in 2014 and Norway working hard to be qualified – so far successfully –  the participation of Norway’s well-known soccer coach Egil “Drillo” Olsen was a highlight of the program. “Drillo” shared with the audience his opinion on Norway’s chances and in his usual free-wheeling style gave his views on management styles and methods in soccer.



The session at Shippingklubben was brought to an end with the Brazilian ambassador to Norway, HE Flavio Helmold Macieira inviting all present to the following reception at the residence of the ambassador.

The reception was a successful culmination of BNCC’s 10 year celebration. Brazilian food and wine, accompanied by Brazilian music, set the stage for two hours of networking and social mingling. Members and supporters alike enjoyed the event and new relations were established, hopefully resulting in new business between Norway and Brazil.