Support to Norwegian companies entering Brazil Joint seminar by BNCC, Innovation Norway and INTSOK on 20th September

A turn-out of 40 members and others interested in what kind of support is available to companies starting – or considering – business with Brazil were given a broad overview of what the 3 organizations and DnBNOR could provide. In addition the Swedish consulting company Kafic presented results from their recent study for APEX Brazil of the match between Brazil’s needs and Norway’s competences in the oil, gas and maritime fields. An additional bonus was the free upgrades handed out by BNCC’s member Lufthansa to celebrate the opening of their new direct flight from Frankfurt to Rio.

The attendants who covered a broad range of business areas, from oil&gas services to financing, television and wine imports, showed a keen interest in the topics presented. The complexity of the Brazilian bureaucracy with federal, state and municipal levels involved in decision making was mentioned by all speakers. Thus, the assistance of organizations like Innovation Norway, INTSOK and the Chambers of Commerce, as well as local professionals on tax and legal issues, were stressed. Also official organs like APEX Brazil will be helpful in maneuvering through the complex political environment affecting private business. INTSOK’s Entry Project was used as an example on how Norwegian SMEs could enter the Brazilian market as part of a network rather than on their own.

The invitation and presentations given are found below.

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