Seminar New Opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Brazil

In the past February, 9ththe Honorary Consulate of Brazil in Stavanger and BNCC received guests and representatives of the oil business sector for a seminar about new opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Brazil.

The Honorary Consulate, BNCC, together with the Brazilian Embassy in Oslo, ANP (Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis), Norwegian Energy Partners (Norwep), Equinor, Greater Stavanger and Stavanger Næringsforening received members and other representatives of the oil business sector for a seminar about new opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Brazil.

Honorary Consul of Brazil in Stavanger and board member of BNCC, Celma Hellebust welcomed the audience at Hellebust International Consultant’s office in Stavanger and thanked the cooperation among so many important players around the opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

She opened the session with a message from the Brazilian Ambassador, HE George Monteiro Prata, who has welcomed the participants and did point out that it is not better time to be in Brazil as today. It was followed by presentations about BNCC, Greater Stavanger, Stavanger Næringsforenig, ANP, Norwegian Energy Partners and Equinor.

The representative of Norwegian Energy Partners, Gunn Vik, said that “Brazil still being the biggest O&G market for Norwegian investment” and Equinor did present opportunities in the Carcara field.

The presence of the Director of the ANP, Felipe Kury discussed the oil and gas industry under the new government. Mr. Cury presented O&G investment opportunities in Brazil, from upstream, the ongoing initiatives of the natural gas market and downstream. In his final remarks, he explained to the audience the ongoing energy transition in the country and the transformation in the O&G sector. The new times is striking by Petrobras’ repositioning, in favor of an open and competitive market. See ANP presentation here.

Regional director of Norwep, Gunn Vik preeented the updated opportunities and challenges for the Brazil marketing for the new times. Brazil is the largest offshore and subsea market in the world. And the optimist is back with opportunities in seven priority projects in the country, explained Gunn Vik.

The event gathered more than 50 attendees from Stavanger area. It was a pleasure to BNCC having the opportunity to cooperate in organizing this event outside Oslo. We hope this kind of collaboration will take place soon again and we will this year having the chance to create platforms for exchange of experience outside Oslo area too.

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