Seminar: Bouncing back? Domestic and international challenges to Brazilian development (Demo)

An interesting seminar was organized jointly by the Brazilian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (BNCC), the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR/HiOA) and the Oslo Academy of Global Governance of the University of Oslo this week.
The “Litteraturehuset” in Oslo opened its doors to more than 40 people. Benedict Bull from the University of Oslo opened the first session which had a focus on the global and domestic conditions for Brazilian development strategies. 
After that, Professor Oliver Stuenkel from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Brazil presented challenges of Brazil. He pointed out the three-trend challenges faced in a new geopolitical context: The crisis of democracy in the era of globalization; China as Brazil’s largest commercial partner and the lack of perspective about this market; The hidden risks in emerging markets and the need for a more proactive game. 

Kathryn Hochstetler, a researcher from the London School of Economics and Political Science presented the new challenges for the Brazilian developmental state. Among other points, Ms. Hochstetler mentioned the problem that Brazil has with Environmental license and the participation of civil society in the important role of the creation of possibilities for innovation with sustainability, understanding of the effects of the communities and the environmental impacts.

To close the first session, Antonio Botelho, a researcher from IUPERJ and UCAM presented the perspectives of the Brazilian industrial policy for development, pointing out the achievements and failures of the county. His conclusion is that Brazil needs a more active civil society to encourage a political resolution which is now even more important than an economic solution.
A session of Q&A took place, and the audience engaged themselves with questions and comments.
The second session, moderated by the director of BNCC, Harald Martinsen, focused on industrial policies in the oil & gas sector.
Professor Gary Herrigel, from the University of Chicago, used an interesting example of the role of multicultural corporations are playing in China for the change of the global product and to the production strategies. He used three steps to aboard this subject: The new distribution of global demand, the new multinational corporation, and its governance practices focused on learning and the case of uneven upgrading in China.
Yuri Kasahara, a researcher from NIBR/ HiOA, presented the results of his researches about the Brazilian Local Content and the collaborative improvement in the Brazilian O&G sector. According to conclusions from surveys, the local content can be a policy that helps local companies to upgrade and join sophisticated global supply chains such as offshore O&G – but is not a silver bullet. The industrial policy should focus on a strategy to maximize the potential of local content for the Brazilian industry participation in global value chains.

​Mauricio Nascimento, SVP Finance of Products sector at Aker Solutions gave a view from the industry on the collaboration in the O&G supply chain to close this session. He presented the strategy that Aker is using to be competitive and to keep able to deliver to global costumers. According to Mr. Nascimento, the industry needs predictability to have the confidence to make the rights investments. 

This informative event brought to the audience a real perspective of Brazil’s prospects for economic and political recovery in a context of crisis and recession. Moreover, positivity has been implicitly on the presentations, and all experts see that the bottom of the mountain is already past to Brazil and expect that key sectors, such as the oil and gas will contribute to its recovery.

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Brazil is really good country and faces lots of challenges nowadays. This seminar is very important to understand the challenges that might face the Brazil. The people should to understand the problem of the Brazil and play their important role.

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