Relationship Brazil and Norway as the Subject for a Diplomatic Thesis in Brazil

For the first time the relations between Norway and Brazil is the subject of a Brazilian diplomatic thesis. Minister Counselor Paulo
Guimarães is the author of the book now published by FUNAG, so far in Portuguese only. Preparing a thesis on a topic of importance to the Brazilian Foreign Service is an obligation for career diplomats in Brazil. The choice of Norway is in this respect another sign of the attention Brazil now pays to the relations between our two countries.

The rationale for the thesis as stated in the introduction to the book is:
Norway plays an increasingly important role in Brazil in areas considered strategic for the country´s development project. The Nordic country in 2010 became 7th origin of foreign direct investment, participates strongly in the offshore and maritime sectors, was the first to contribute to the Amazon Fund and regularly cooperates with Brazil in the spheres of peace, global health and development in third countries and regions. Besides its importance, the bilateral partnership is also innovative as it relates to some of the challenges for Brazil in the XXI century: exploration of oil and gas reserves in the pre-salt provinces, increased production and competitiveness of the shipbuilding industry, promotion of sustainable development to reduce deforestation and the promotion of peace and national reconstruction, as in Haiti. The book seeks to contribute to the structuring of the relations between Brazil and Norway, based on the examination of experiences and complementarity along most relevant sectors in both countries (energy, maritime industry, environment, peace and reconciliation).

For those interested in purchasing the book, please contact either BNCC or Paulo Guimarães.