Political Risk Analysis of the Brazilian Oil&Gas Industry

Norwegian Risk Consulting International (NRCI) is a Norwegian company specializing in political risk analysis. NRCI assists Norwegian companies investing in Brazil / South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. For company information see www.nrci.no.

Last December NRCI issued the first monthly report on Brazil entitled NRM Brazil Oil & Politics December 2011. Click on the name and you may have a look at the report. This report is available on a subscription basis for either 6 or 12 months. BNCC members receive a 20 % discount. Subscriptions include a universal user-license meaning there are no restrictions on how many may use the report within a company. For more details contact NRCI directly by e-mail at subscription@nrci.no – Please indicate that your company is a member of BNCC as this ensures you the 20 % discount.

BNCC has been invited to speak at the upcoming Norwegian Risk Forum 2012, an annual international conference hosted by NRCI in Oslo at the Grand Hotel on October 25 – 26. This year the theme is “Risks and Rewards for Norwegian Businesses in Brazil”. Leading political experts from Norway and abroad, diplomats, NGOs and Norwegian business experts will give presentations and participate in panel debates.

Subscribers to the Norwegian Risk Monitor Brazil Oil & Politics receive a 30 % discount on the conference fee at Norwegian Risk Forum.