Oslo Business for Peace Award

Oslo Chamber of Commerce (OCC) has since the start in 2007-08 been supporting and working with the Oslo Business for Peace Foundation and the Oslo Business for Peace Award.

The Award is the highest recognition a business person can get for ethical business behavior or for acting “businessworthy” as we call it .
ICC WCF ( International Chamber of Commerce/ World Chamber Federation ), the Chambers of Commerce worldwide organization also the world largest business organization ,  is the nominating body for this award, together with UNDP and Global Compact. 
The winners of 2017 have now been announced, 4  remarkable businesspeople from Singapore/Bangladesh, Canada, South Africa/ USA and Iran /USA.
For more details see below. 
I urge you to sign up for the award ceremony in Oslo City Hall on May 16 by following this link.
Up in the left hand corner of the link page you find the registration form.
You can also spread this invitation to your members.  
See you on May 16 !!

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The Oslo business for peace award is a very appreciable and great step made by this organization. This makes the organizations as well as the other people to work for the peace, prosperity and social welfare of the people.

Thank you for such a well written article. It’s full of insightful information and entertaining descriptions. Your point of view is the best among many.

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