Norwegian Research Council with focus on Brazil

Projects executed under the auspices of the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) are organized in a series of programs. One of these is the Latin-America Program, where the BNCC member Harald Martinsen recently was elected to the board as a representative of private business. Now, in its latest Thematic Call for new proposals on research and post doctorate studies  the Norwegian Research Council is focusing on Brazil. A total of 24 MNOK (USD 4,2M) is available for projects starting up in May 2013. The Call from NRC reflects the increased attention Brazil is getting in Norwegian academic circles.

Lately, we have seen initiatives taken by Brazil to strengthen research and higher education. The program “Science without Borders”, presented on our webpage in March this year – – provides financing for Brazilian research institutions and post-graduate studies. SINTEF is so far the only Norwegian research institute which may draw on this financing source, but agreements are in the pipeline for Norwegian universities to receive Brazilian students and researchers. For private business, which cannot benefit from the SWB-program, there is the program PETRONOVA which provides financing for innovation projects in the oil & gas industry; an opportunity for Norwegian companies with Brazilian subsidiaries. For more information on this program we recommend contacting INTSOK.

Unique to this Call for 2013 from NRC is that  special priority will be given proposals related to Brazil, involving cooperation between Norwegian and Brazilian researchers which will contribute to development and reduction of poverty in Brazil.  

The proposals should fit into one of 5 areas of initiative, with economy, industry, business and markets being one of these areas.   For details, see:

The attention Brazil these days receive from the international  research community is illustrated in the article below. The area called Ihla de Fundão is fast becoming the research hub for Latin-America with more and more large international companies setting up their research centers close to Petrobras’ research center Cenpes and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).


Rio de Janeiro becomes new technology excellence centre
Translation based on an article published in NNpetro – 10/30/12
The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro´s (UFRJ) Technology Park has had a sharp growth in the past three years. Top oil companies are present in the Technology Park, which is considered a research excellence centre in oil, gas and energy, attracting investments from many multinationals and creating many job opportunities.    Foreign companies such as GE (General Electric), Schlumberger, Siemens and Halliburton are present in the Technology Park. Georadar Group, a company specialized in onshore and offshore geophysical surveys, has recently won the tender to set up a research centre in the Technology Park.By 2014 there will be 12 new research centres, five new labs and many new small and medium-sized companies operating in Rio´s Technology Park, the Park´s director Maurício Guedes said. According to him, there are over 1,000 workers in the Technology Park.  This number is expected to rise to 5,000 workers in the next two years.  Investments in the construction of new research centres are estimated at US$246m. The Technology Park´s great results are driven by quick bidding process and also by Petrobras´ research centre Cenpes founded in the 60s and the pre-salt discovery in 2007. The development of new technology to explore oil in Brazil´s pre-salt areas has been driving the Brazilian economy forward. The Technology Park is now seeking new areas for expansion.