Network meeting at Aker Solutions: Offshore Wind and Carbon Capture

This week Aker Solutions invited BNCC members to a mingling session with a presentation about their perspective on Offshore Wind and Carbon Capture. Aker Solutions helps the world meet its’ energy needs. The company works to maximize recovery and efficiency of oil and gas assets, while at the same time using their expertise to develop sustainable solutions for the future.

Before the company presentation, BNCC’s board member and Vice President of Manufacturing at Tranby Technology Centre, Patricia Medina, hosted a board meeting. In the opportunity, Ms. Medina introduced some of the leading products developed at Aker Solutions in a brief tour at the company’s engineerium.

Ms. Medina w

elcomed the other members of BNCC in a mingling session and presented Aker Solutions’ 40 years presence in Brazil. Today, there are 5.100 employees divided into 6 locations in diverse states of Brazil. The company employs approximately 14,000 people in about 20 countries. Brazil is a crucial international market, and Aker Solutions’ plant in Brazil is the biggest and most modern subsea plant in the world.

Astrid Skarheim Onsum, head of Offshore Wind at Aker Solutions, took the floor to present Offshore Wind and Carbon Capture business as well as the ambitious growth strategy. Ms. Onsum has more than 20 years’ experience from the energy sector and impressive knowledge about this sector and its transformation towards the future. “The world is changing, and we at Aker Solutions not only acknowledge that but want to be part of the transformation,” said the executive.

Developing sustainable energy solutions is a natural path for Aker Solutions. Based on its global and complete portfolio and technology, the company is using it’s discovering and transforming old models in most modern and convenient solutions to catch CO2. Mr. Onsum explained that the company had been committed to carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) since 1996. This experience provided Aker Solutions with the necessary tools to develop a most modern modular carbon capture system that is more uncomplicated, environmentally friendly, and lower cost. The Just Catch Model is an innovative, compact, cost-effective solution that captures CO2 emissions. The expectations of further rise cost of CO2 will open the market to such a solution, and Aker Solutions is ready to deliver “Just Catch.” This solution will meet the needs of different-sized operations, for example, fossil power plants or cement factories.

Aker Solutions is combining their experience in developing and managing offshore projects to provide these solutions. The economy of scale is increasing the turbine size, which booms the global need for offshore floating wind. Aker Solutions will be a leading provider of offshore wind energy solutions, including planning, installation of the offshore wind farms, commissioning, operations, and maintenance services. Moreover, the company foresees a new era of ocean economy opportunities with energy production offshore.

The audience took the opportunity to ask several questions during the presentations and finished the session with an inspirational hope for the future of the energy sector. You can see the presentation here. BNCC appreciates the possibility of inviting our members and learning more about the innovative operations of this vital member.

By Larissa Slottet, BNCC