Morning seminar – The Green Shift

BNCC collaborated with three other bilateral chambers of commerce in Norway (Canada, Colombia and India) to hold a morning seminar last Thursday to discuss the importance for the business sector to adapt to more responsible management and production and decrease environmental impacts while increasing economic activities. The green shift, which has become a buzzword in the business sector and many organizations brought the green growth aim into their strategy lately. Green growth is “the decreasing of environmental impacts while increasing economic activities.” More than 120 people attended the event, which was hosted by Deloitte, in its headquarters in Oslo.

The program started with a breakfast mingling, followed by a brief presentation about the green shift by a circular economy consultant, Michel Wolfstirn. The audience was inspired to rethink the role of the business sector in supporting the commitment to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

The main attraction was a panel which gathered leaders of international companies and organizations.  Sustainability director of Aker Biomarine and Yara International, VP of International Power of Statkraft, Director of Cambi Group and CEO and Founder of TotalCtrl discussed and exchanged experiences of how sustainability is bringing a positive impact to the bottom line of their business.

The moderator of the panel took the opportunity to question the leaders invited on how their companies bring sustainability from their inner core to the edges of their organizations, all employees and day-to-day activities. The panelists shared how the green strategy has been implemented in their business. Member of BNCC and head of sustainability at Yara, Berhard Stormyr mentioned that at Yara, sustainability is up on the top level for any new strategy designed by the company. CEO and co-founder of TotalCtrl, Charlotte Aschim explored the green shift and has founded a new business to attend the demand of other market going green. “The green growth became a business opportunity,” mentioned Aschim.

After the panel of discussions, head of sustainability of Deloitte, Hanne Solem presented a new program offered to companies seeking the green shift in the Nordics, SDG accelerator for business strategy. “Deloitte purpose is to make an impact that matters for clients, people, and society, contributing to the UN sustainable development goals,” explained Solem.

In 2017, the UN called the business sector to rethink their role in the sustainability mission declaring: “Business drives innovation, provides a source of finance and constitutes an engine for economic development and employment. Strong and visionary business leadership is therefore essential to achieving the transformation required by the SDGs”.

The attendees were very engaged by the topic and kept discussing it over the second round of breakfast. The green shift debate is a highly relevant discussion today and follows the BNCC mission which is to bring this topic to its agenda. Sustainability is much more than reports of compliance. Governments, businesses, civil society and individuals, all have an essential role to play to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

By Larissa Slottet, BNCC