Meeting – Ups and Downs of Brazilian Economy

Senior Economist in DNB Markets who works with macroeconomic analyses and lectures on international economics, among Brazil, since 1998 talked about the ups and downs of Brazilian Economy during BNCC meeting at the Brazilian Embassy in Oslo.

Yesterday, the main guest of an evening meeting was Knut Magnussen. The meeting gathered 25 people including 4 board directors and many members of BNCC.

Among the topics, Knut Magnussen pointed out some causes of the downturn of Brazilian economy and for the worst result in over six-years. Partly is blame of the economic global crises. Low price of raw material, fall of China and international demand negatively influences on Brazil’s economy. Moreover, the corruption scandal in Petrobrás, high inflation and the falling real were also addressed during his presentation.

After a public interaction through questions and answers, Harald Martinsen, chairman of BNCC closed the meeting.

BNCC rejoices organizing this event in order to collaborate on the preparation to the Royal delegation to visit Brazil in November 2015. It was a pleasure to be hosted by the Embassy of Brazil and to receive all presents on this event.

DNB presentation: 151001 Brazil-seminar