Meeting: The Oil Industry

Oil Specialist in Artic Securities talked about the oil industry to the members of BNCC, during an afternoon meeting at NHO on November 11th. The meeting gathered 24 people including 4 board directors and many other members of BNCC.

Among other topics, Christian Yggeseth presented an outlook of the oil market and pointed out that the oil price bottom is likely behind us. A long-term oil price is estimated to bring enough supply to market. A global oil market balance was presented as well oil demand estimates. To close his presentation, Christian Yggeseth provided his impression of this industry in Brazil.

After an interaction with the audience through questions and answers, Harald Martinsen, chairman of BNCC closed the meeting.

BNCC exults organizing this event in order to collaborate on the preparation to the Royal delegation to visit Brazil this month.

Artic Securities presentation was sent by email to the members present at the event.