Meeting luncheon with the Ambassador of Brazil

Last week, the Brazilian Ambassador to Norway, George Monteiro Prata, received the board members of the chamber in a luncheon at his residence.
It reinforced the cooperation between the Embassy of Brazil in Oslo and the Brazilian-Norwegian chamber of commerce. That was the first time that the Ambassador met many of the board members, they had the opportunity to introduce themselves and get better knowing with the Ambassador and his colleague, Silvana Polich, who is the new Minister Counselor who has just arrived at the Embassy in Oslo.
Among other topics, the main pillars of the relationship between Brazil and Norway took place at the conversation; energy, environment, shipping, and many other economic sectors came into the table.
Ambassador Prata had two special news to share with the board and the members of BNCC:
First, the president of the Chamber, Harald Martinsen, will be a recipient of the Order of Rio Branco, which is an honorific order of Brazil, in recognition of his effort to the commercial relations between Brazil and Norway.
The second is visit of the President of Brazil, Michel Temer, who is coming to Norway in June.
Picture 1 – From left to the right:

Harald Martinsen (president of BNCC), Karen Kosberg (DNB), Ambassador George Prata, Minister José Eduardo Bernardo, Larissa Costa Slottet, Jan Tore Linstad (Kongsberg Group), Tor-Ove Horstad (Norsk Hydro), Håkon Alsnes, Silvana Polich (new Minister Counselor), Aage Thoen (Aage Thoen ltd) and Ottar Hermansen (Innovation Norway).

Picture 2 – The Brazilian flag at the Ambassador’s gardens. 

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I am really looking forward to some fruitful results behind this visit of the Brazilian Ambassador to the Norway. There have been many discussions regarding the conditions of both countries and will indeed launch some collaborative projects for improvement of these conditions.

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