Marketing Norwegian products and services in the Brazilian market

An important element in strengthening the business relations between Brazil and Norway is the publication in the Brazilian market of catalogues and newsletters presenting Norwegian products and services.

To this extent BNCC has made agreements with two organizations preparing to launch presentations of Norwegian competencies in Brazil in 2012.

Norway Exports regularly issues a series of catalogues and brochures on different sectors of the Norwegian export industry. Earlier this year we saw a Portuguese edition profiling Norwegian oil & gas expertise. For 2012 there will be an updated edition and members of BNCC will have the possibility of presenting their companies at a discounted price. See attached letters from Norway Exports. Information can also be found on

Brazil Business Reports Ltd. will in cooperation with the Brazilian business weekly ISTOƉ in 2012 publish quarterly reports on Norway and the competencies Norwegian companies have to offer to Brazil. The material will be both editorial and sponsored advertisements. BNCC is assisting Brazil Business Reports in this project and our members may be contacted by the editors. See attached introduction letter.

Note that although BNCC supports these initiatives we have no commercial involvement in the projects and it is up to our members to decide whether they will submit editorial content, advertise or otherwise contribute.