”Lula, the Son of Brazil” – A Brazilian movie not to be missed


In cooperation with “Heia Brasil”, BNCC invite members and supporters to a showing of the movie “Lula, The Son of Brazil”. This production from 2009 relates the story of Lula from being one of 8 children in a poor family until his election as President of Brazil in 2002.

It is the most expensive Brazilian production ever made and caused controversy for its political messages and the release just before the presidential elections won by PT’s and Lula’s candidate Dilma Rousseff.

The movie is in Portuguese with English subtitles.


The movie will be shown:

Monday 10th December 17:30 in the auditorium of Integrerings- og Mangfoldsdirektoratet, Tollbugata 20.

Free entrance to members of BNCC and readers of “Heia Brasil”.

For more details see: http://www.heiabrasil.no/brasiliansk-filmaften-lula-the-son-of-brazil/