Letter to BNCC’s members: “HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah International Prize for Entrepreneurship”

BNCC’s members,


Based on our deep belief in the importance of entrepreneurship and its significant role in the progress and development of society, The Centennial Fund has launched the second annual “HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah International Prize for Entrepreneurship” – considered the first award of its type in the world for entrepreneurship. The Prize is offered for those entrepreneurs who have unique and creative ideas, and we have developed criteria and mechanisms for evaluation that are in line with best international standards. The award’s sum is equivalent to $270,000 USD. Please note that all the logistic costs (including transportation, ticket, and hotel accommodations) for the winners to collect their respective prizes will be fully covered by the Prize.

The Prize consists of six main categories:

1. Best Existing Project Prize

2. Best Business Plan Prize

3. Best Project Idea Prize

4. Best Female Mentor Prize

5. Best Male Mentor Prize

6. Best Entrepreneur Prize

Given the importance of your role in supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs, we would like to ask you to urge both entrepreneurs and mentors to apply for the prize through our website (www.abdulazizprize.org.sa) from 15th of December 2013 to 30th of March 2014. 

For further queries or details regarding candidate nomination and participation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at General.secretariat@tcf.org.sa .

With best regards,


Dr. Abdulaziz bin Hamoud Al-Mutairi

General Prize Secretariat