Joining efforts to strengthen health- and social practices- is it possible


Health and Social Inequality in Brazil and Norway 11- 12 June 2012

Joining efforts to strengthen health- and social practices- is it possible?

Both BNCC and NBCC members are actively engaged in social projects in Brazil – like “Dream, Learn,Work” and “Minha Casa, Minha Vida”. Taking responsibility for social improvement is highlighted in the official Norwegian strategy for Brazil and it is expected that Norwegian companies operating in Brazil involve themselves in such programs.

Over the past three years, Østfold University College has been developing cooperation with Brazilian institutions, mainly related to the area of health- and social studies.

The collaboration, which involves student exchange and action oriented research, is now entering a process where disciplines such as engineering and pedagogic/education are included in the concept of health and social studies. At the same time it is acknowledge that the businesses sector is an influential contributor and facilitator for social change in Brazil. Recognizing the relevance of the business sector, the seminar will address the link between the knowledge of the academic field and the involvement of enterprises in social responsibility

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