Invitation: BNCC and NHO breakfast meeting April 29th

NHO and BNCC are happy to invite members to a combined book launch and debate.

Invitation - book launch copy

Over the last 20 years, Brazil has gone through deep political, economic and social changes. The changes have also had a major impact on the relationship between our two countries. As the Brazilian transformation continues, how will the Brazil-Norway relationship change in the next five to ten years?

First, BNCC member and author Torkjell Leira will present his new book “Brazil – The Giant wakes up”. The book examines the Brazilian transformation in the 21st century, with emphasis on economic, social, political and environmental issues.

The presentation will be followed by a pertinent debate about the future relationship between the two countries. The great optimism from the years 2003-2010 now seems to be replaced by pessimism. Is that the correct picture, or is it caused by an over-evaluation of the latest Brazilian growth rates and the pre-salt slowdown?

NHO and BNCC wish to welcome all members to join the debate, and have invited the following speakers to open it:

  • Paulo Guimarães, consultant at Brasca, author of the book Brazil-Norway: Elements for strategic partnerships
  • Harald Martinsen, President of BNCC
  • Torkjell Leira, human geographer and author, University of Oslo

The debate will approach the following themes:

  • The political and diplomatic relationship
  • The industrial and economic relationship
  • Energy and environment
  • Education, research and innovation