Investing in Brazil – Do your homework before going there

Investing in Brazil – Do your homework before going there


An issue, which BNCC regularly is asked to advise upon, especially from small and medium sized companies, is how to prepare before committing scarce time, money and top people to the Brazilian market.


At BNCC we arrange seminar and meetings on this important topic, on our own or in cooperation with other Norwegian institutions.  On our website you will, in addition to our own seminar presentations also find material of relevance to this topic, like “Forretningsmuligheter i Brasil” and news from the Brazilian embassy in Norway, from DNB and excerpts from “The Brazil Business”.



Recently the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations did publish a “Legal Guide for Foreign Investors in Brazil”.



This guide is recommended reading for those not yet familiar with the regulatory framework for foreign companies setting up new business in Brazil.





Another useful publication is “Doing deals in Brazil” published by BNCC member PWC and available in English at


The BNCC website has also featured relevant information from legal firms like Veirano Advogados  (August 2012)

and Innovation Norway/Inventure Management  (September 2011).


These publications are available for download on our website or by contacting the publishers.