Internships and job website – Brazilian Federal Government

The Programa Ciência sem Fronteiras launched the Internships and Jobs website. The website allows you to view all interns located in the country of interest, with the advantage of web conferencing tools and e-mail messages.

Internships and Job website is a result of the Brazilian Federal Government’s pursuit to promote easy access to job opportunities and search for highly skilled labor for current and former participants in the Programa Ciência sem Fronteiras and related companies.

Address for registration of companies: How to register

The Programa Ciência sem Fronteiras, began in 2011, as a way to provide international mobility in several academic levels by placing the best students in the best universities and research facilities abroad. This particular experience will bring new challenges to Brazil, mainly related to the approach of the business environment of Research & Development and the academy itself, aiming at the scientific and technological development of the country through innovation and quality education.

This is an initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation and Ministry of Education  through their respective development agencies, the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development – CNPQ and Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education – CAPES which have always sought to improve education, science and technology in Brazil.

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