How to use Norec to benefit your business in Brazil?

Mutual exchange of employees between companies based in different countries broadens the perspectives and changes the attitudes of people, making businesses more capable of achieving their goals. The Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec) funds exchange projects involving employees in Norway and countries in Latin America, including Brazil. The Brazilian and the Colombian chambers of commerce invited Norec to present their opportunities to their members in a breakfast meeting that took place at Christiania Kvartalet in Olso last week. Norec is financed by the Norwegian National Budget, forms part of the governmental Norwegian developmental policy, and is subordinated to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Representatives from the chambers welcomed the audience and passed the floor to Tor-Øyvind Rand, who explained how does Nored works and gave many rich examples of the program in action. Exchange between countries benefits not only organizations and businesses but communities, explained Tor-Øyvind. It spread knowledge and inspire both individuals and organizations. The program of exchange was developed on the Sustainable Development Goal number 17, Partnership for the Goals, he added.

The exchange takes place between businesses and organizations – partners – in Norway and countries in the southern hemisphere, or in between these countries. The partners have to identify the project they want to establish and with whom they wish to cooperate then apply the project on Norec’s webpage ( Norec has the intention to increase their portfolio in Latin America. Therefore partners in Brazil and Colombia are most welcome to apply, independent of the industry or size of the companies. Norec offers training for the partners and participants, preparing in the best way possible to create fruitful exchange programs and successful partnerships.

The benefits of Norec exchange programs are many. A company can increase technical skills, strengthen intercultural communication, build strong partnerships. In a broader perspective, diversify and globilize skills and knowledge. Moreover, contribute to developing and sharing skills and knowledge in Norway and developing countries.

After Norec’s presentation, partners under the exchange projects presented their experience and the advantages through the program. Hostelling International (HI) Norway and Brazil brought talked to the audience sharing their perspective of how usual and enricher the initiative has been to help to achieve their goals.

A live Q&A session took place, where the audience had the opportunity to ask practical questions to Norec representatives and to the organizations that are under the program now. Larissa Slottet from BNCC closed the meeting, remembering all presents that mixing people and transferring knowledge is an excellent opportunity to step ahead towards the future. She encouraged all members of BNCC to explore further this opportunity.

See the presentation of Norec here. For more precise information for cooperation with Brazil, you can contact Cristina Latine: ​(

By Larissa Slottet, BNCC