Executive Dialogue with the CEO of Aker Solution, Luis Araujo

More than 30 leader members of BNCC and Oslo Shipowners Association gathered at NSA’s premises in Oslo to the second Executive Dialogue co-organized by the Chamber, with an inspiring guest speaker, the Brazilian CEO of Aker Solutions, Luis Araujo. The chairman of Oslo Shipowners Association and board member of BNCC, Aage Thoen welcomed the audience and the guest speaker.

Luis Araujo was named CEO of Aker Solutions in July 2014 after joining Aker Solutions in 2011 as president for the company’s Brazilian operation. The Brazilian has broad experience with almost 35 years in the oil and gas industry, including senior positions in GE, Wellstream, ABB and FMC Technologies. He is a mechanical engineer from Gama Filho University in Brazil and MBA from the University of Edinburg in Scotland. Luis Araujo lives in Oslo with his wife and their two 17 years old boys.

Araujo, in his engaging dialogue style, shared his perspective on the scenario for the industry when he became CEO, which faced companies with very high costs and prices of oil close to US$ 30 a barrel. He explained that keep a focus on the growth is a great way to go, for example, finding and exploring new reserves, investing in new technologies and innovation. The CEO of Aker Solutions presented his journey through challenging times, since his first mission to here, and brought to the audience many histories, which exemplified his leadership and management styles.



During the dialogue, he inspired the leaders explained that he faced a hard first mission in the position, where he dismissed more than 600 employees in Norway and 8000 globally. Although it was hard letting so many people out, a flatter structure was an essential step to cut and avoid costs and make their operations more efficient, though digitalization. The CEO also highlighted one of Aker’s current strategies, that is to be closer to their costumes, responding quicker and delivering better results.

Luis Araujo also shared many other topics with the audience, such as his view about environmental compliance, the future of fossil fuel, new solutions, and his overview about a prominent client in the Brazilian market, Petrobrás.

Luis Araujo inspired the attendees with his charismatic personality, good humor, his histories, experiences, and advice. “There is an opportunity behind every crisis,” and ” it is essential not imposing a culture into another. One has to understand Brazil as Brazil is,” said the executive.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees had the opportunity ask questions to the CEO. A mingling session took place, where members of BNCC and OSA could meet and exchange experiences.