Cooperation Educational Institutions and Businesses

BNCC see the educational and research areas as a key contributor to create a sustainable solution for businesses operating across boarders. Based on a wish to collaborate and create arenas for dialogue and exchange, BNCC and NHO recently hosted an important discussion under a breakfast meeting at NHO.

We received a team from SIU (Norwegian Center for International Cooperation in Education) to engage our members and friends in a very interesting discussion about educational collaboration between Brazil and Norway. SiU explained that Brazil is one of the top priority countries for them, and they are very open to cooperate with businesses and other organizations, also including Brazilian universities. They see the Brazilian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce as an important vehicle to act as a bridge between education and public sector on one hand, and the Norwegian business operating in Brazil on the other.

During the meeting almost 30 people exchanged ideas and inputs to the subject. Among them, representatives from the Brazilian Embassy, University of Oslo, The Norwegian Research Consul, students, professionals and 3 directors from the Board of BNCC.

BNCC want to help linking its members to this important area of investment. Increasing the quality of education of Brazilians and Norwegians and investing in research is a way to guarantee the quality of potential future employees.

We hope to engage so many of our members as possible in this cooperation between educational institutions and businesses in Brazil and Norway. Creating common platforms and arenas for dialogue and exchange is a first and important step.e

See SIU presentation here:SIU presentation cooperation with business11160287_10153285104241683_324116047_n

If you are interested in this subject, contact our Chairman, Harald Martinsen.