Cooperation between Norway and Brazil on Oil and gas Research and Technology

20140123_091041On January 23rd BNCC in cooperation with NHO arranged a breakfast meeting on this between Norway and Brazil. The topic was obviously popular as the event was fully booked and a waiting list was necessary, with BNCC members given a preference.

The cooperation agreement was presented by Marit Engebretsen, Director General at the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Together with Deputy Minister Fostervoll she attended the signing ceremony in Rio de Janeiro on 25th November last year.

The present agreement has taken two years to materialize from the first initiatives taken by the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation back in October 2011. During this period various meetings have been held involving government officials, research institutions and private business, the latest being a seminar on R&D in Rio de Janeiro in connection with the signing ceremony.

While still in its early stage the implementation of the agreement follows a mutually agreed schedule. Both governmental organizations and business/research entities will meet during first semester of this year to develop further the program.

The main task involving the industry – or the Stakeholders Task Force – is the definition of which topics shall be in focus for the coming joint calls for research. On the Norwegian side Statoil will lead while Petrobras will lead the Brazilian side. One topic already emerging is subsea technology, where both Norway and Brazil are world technology leaders.

A number of questions were raised by the audience, both on the envisioned R&D cooperation and the planned interchange of competence through an exchange of researchers, academia and professionals.

The presentation given by Director General Marit Engebretsen is attached below.

BN21 NHO 23 januar 2014