Cooperation between Brazil and Norway on R&D and Technical Competence Building

To promote technological advances and innovation in Brazil through cooperation with foreign research institutes and universities the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCTI) in September launched the program “Science without Borders”. See attached Fact Sheet.

Science without borders

On October 4th at a R&D seminar in Rio with participation both from Norwegian and Brazilian research institutes, the industry and public officials the program was presented and followed by discussions on how the two countries could cooperate. Later, in Brasília, the Norwegian Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Per Rune Henriksen, and the Brazilian Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luiz Antonio Elias, committed themselves to a fast-track development and a bilateral task force to be set up. See attached report from the web page of our sister chamber in Rio, NBCC.

NBCC News Deputy minister calls for R&D

What makes “Science without borders” particularly interesting to private business in sectors also outside oil & gas, is the allocation in the program of 700 scholarships for training of non-academic Brazilians abroad. This opens a possibility for Brazilian subsidiaries of Norwegian companies to recruit promising Brazilian professionals and as part of their in-house competence building include a stay abroad for specialization with institutional and financial assistance from the Brazilian government, coupled with support by the company. To that respect SAAB in Sweden and British Gas already have obtained approval for such arrangement by CNPq, the Brazilian reserach agency of MCTI in charge of the program. For Norway, the aquaculture and fisheries sector is in addition to oil&gas indicated from Brazil as interesting possibilities.