Breakfast meeting about CSR at KONGSBERG

KONGSBERG Group received BNCC’s members to a breakfast meeting in their headoffice in Oslo, where their CSR model was discussed. Two organizations, also members of BNCC, Kolibri CARF and Casas da Noruega had the opportunity to present their work in Brazil. After a mingling session during the nice breakfast offered, including St. Lucia treats, the members engaged in an interesting introduction of the CSR approach of KONGSBERG, by its Corporate Compliance Officer, Lene Svenne.

KONGSBERG is an international technology group, partly owned by the Norwegian government, that delivers advanced and reliable solutions improving safety, security and performance in complex operations under extreme conditions. KONGSBERG works with customers in the global defence, maritime, oil and gas, fisheries and aerospace sectors, and they work in Brazil covering on- and offshore, subsea, navy, marine, aquaculture and more.

After an overview of some of the fascinating products and areas which KONGSBERG covers, Lene explained how the group conductd their business with ethics and anti-corruption high standards, respecting human and labor rights, finding solutions to environment and climate challenges and monitoring their supply chain.

In Brazil, the group invests in two social projects operating in Rio de Janeiro; Dream, Learn, Work and Karanba. Moreover, KONGSBERG’s CSR strategy goes away beyond social contributions, they apply the concept of Responsible Business Conduct and invest on creating solutions for a sustainable future through technology.  Svenne also mentioned that several of the UN’s sustainable development goals are integrated and implemented into KONGSBERG’s strategy.

See KONGSBERG presentation here.

​Following the program of the breakfast meeting about CSR, the marketing director of Kolibri, Peter Munck  talked about their work in Brazil. Kolibri ­ Children at Risk Foundation (CARF) is a NGO from Bergen, develop a social work focused on supporting youngsters growing up in areas characterized by poverty, violence, crime, drugs and lacking public services within health and education as well as basic infrastructure (favelas) in the state of São Paulo. Their model is set up and developed as a holistic model. The program emphasizes education, social training, and personal development. Arts and aesthetics are the means utilized in the approach, leaving their imprint on the children¹s surroundings. After knowing more about this remarkable project, Mr. Munck presented how companies in Brazil can support NHOs with zero costs, through tax incentives.


If you want to know more details about Kolibri, please, contact Peter Munck:

​The second NGO that joined the CSR conversation was Casas da Noruega. The founder of the social project, Snorre Holand, shared the history of the educational activity in Rio de Janeiro and the motivation behind the school. In order to illustrate the current situation in slums in Brazil and their model, Holand brought images and videos of the local students and campaigns organized by the NGO. Casas da Noruega was created in 2009 and is focused on social and educational activities in the local community of Bancários (Rio de Janeiro). The organization runs a school, which offers academic support and other courses for local kids and teenagers such as English, computer classes and music. They also work closely with sports activities (football and athletics), and give support to the families of the children involved. In total, there are over 400 boys and girls engaged in the activities. The goal is to keep the students in school and away from crime life.

If you want to know more about Casas da Noruega, please contact Tom Dybwad:


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