Breakfast meeting about Brazil at Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway has organized a seminar about Brazil.  Ottar Hernansen, IN’s representative on the board of directors of BNCC, received among others, several members of BNCC to a breakfast followed by a presentation by Stein Gunnar Hansen Bondevik, director of IN’s office in Rio de Janeiro.  He introduced some market opportunities in different sectors for Norwegian businesses and investors – with the ability and willingness to think long term.
After giving a brief update on the political and economic situation in Brazil, Mr. Bondevik gave an insight into new opportunity areas, such as renewable energy, fishery, and technology.

The most important news of the oil & gas sector was moreover presented, but Innovation Norway intends to drive beyond this sector in the new year. Therefore, inspired by the Swedish Embassy example, IN is formatting an “innovation week” in Brazil. The intention is to define an agenda and so, create better conditions for Norwegian visitors. Furthermore, IN wants to expand the sectors for Norwegian investment, connect research and industries and assume presence in other states of the country.
According to IN’s plans, the innovation week will begin slow, with Brazilian partners since the start (FINEP is already committed). It will also strength integration with existing business (Statoil, Hydro, Yara, Kongsberg, Statkaft, Aker, DNB) and connect cooperation between other important actors, such as the Norwegian Embassy, the General Consulate, NFR, Team Norway and chambers of commerce. The innovation week will have a fixed time every year and intent to grow to a bigger event each year.
In addition to that, the new program of Innovation Norway  “Global growth” was introduced to the audience. This is a new training program for internationalization and active entry into new markets, more effective and faster then before, with a total of 4 – 5 months. This may be a good help to Norwegian businesses and investors’ entrance in Brazil. 

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Luiz Fernando de Almeida Bello

Actually we need improve international cooperation about innovation.

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From such meetings we are able to get many innovative ideas that are meant to be the part of protocol. So being the part of such meetings would be in first priority for me.

Norway sound like an excellent spot.

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