Brazilian wins 2013 Business for Peace Award

On may 14th at the 2013 Business for Peace award ceremony in Oslo City Hall the Brazilian executive Mrs.

foto 4Margaret Mussoi  L. Groff was together with 4 other nominees honored for her work in motivating female employees to seek professional development. Mrs. Groff is the Chief Financial Officer of ITAIPU Binacional, the world’s largest hydropower station in terms of power generation.

Mrs. Groff has established ITAIPU’s policy and guidelines for gender equality based on the UN Global Compact Women’s Empowerment Principles Leadership Group, contributing to more gender equal societies.

The award ceremony and the ensuing dinner at the Akershus Castle were attended by more than 100 people from all over the world.  Speeches included past Nobel Peace Prize winners, the Mayor of Oslo and prominent international personalities.

The Brazilian ambassador to Norway, HE Flavio Helmold Macieira and his wife, together with BNCC’s Terje Staalstrøm,  were among the guests attending the event to honor Mrs. Groff.

foto 1The Business for Peace Foundation has as objective to encourage business leaders to be businessworthy and engage with society as partners in developing shared values and increasing trust between business and society. As was said at the ceremony:  “Not all profits are created equal. Stakeholders’ values must exceed shareholders’ values”.

The Business for Peace Foundation was established in 2007 and is supported by a.o. Oslo Chamber of Commerce and ICC World Chambers Federation. The international recognition of the award is demonstrated through the high level of award recipients representing a variety of business segments and countries all around the globe.