Brazilian Ambassador George Prata shares updates on the Brazilian accession process to OECD

Dear members of BNCC,

You may be aware of Brazil’s interest in starting, as soon as possible, the process of its accession to the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development – OECD. Since March 2019, when the United States expressed support to the Brazilian accession, Brazil counts with the support of all members of the organization.

Brazil is very grateful and appreciates the support of the Norwegian government regarding our candidacy for membership in the OECD, which remains a central political and economic objective of the Brazilian government.

Brazil has made a sustained and intense effort of approximation to the OECD and of convergence of policies and practices regarding its standards and guidelines. In 2017, Brazil was part of 34 instruments; today, we already adhered to 91(out of a total of 248 existing instruments), which places the country in an absolutely unique position among other candidates for accession.

This process of convergence cannot be completed without the accession, which makes it essential to establish an effective negotiating process in Paris in order for the OECD Council to take a prompt decision on the start of the expansion processes of the organisation.

The private sector of OECD member countries, including Norway, has a direct and legitimate interest in the success of this process. The future entry of Brazil, with its broad and robust economy, will provide them with real and significant gains in terms of regulatory predictability, legal certainty, of market openness and reduction of transaction costs in the country.

Therefore, the Norwegian business community can play a decisive role in mobilizing the indispensable political will of the Norwegian government for the aforementioned negotiating process to take place as soon as possible and to be successful in Paris.

I hope you can convey this message to the companies you represent in BNCC and to the Norwegian authorities dealing with OECD.

Best regards,


George Monteiro Prata

Ambassador of Brazil