Brazil promoted at ”REISELIVSMESSEN”

The 2014 Norwegian exhibition for travel and tourism – ”Reiselivsmessen” – was this year held 10-12th January at Telenor Arena. As usual the exhibition attracted a large number of visitors, both travel professionals in the B2B-sessions and private individuals planning their next vacation. With the World Soccer Championship and the Olympics coming up Brazil is very much on the mind of the Norwegian public.


The Commercial Section of the Brazilian Embassy in Norway had organized a Brazilian stand where information both on tourist destinations and general info on Brazil was distributed. Questions from visitors were ably answered by embassy staff supported by students studying tourism at Norwegian professional academies.

Travel agencies focusing on Brazil, like “Brasilspesialisten” were present at the stand and Tine offered their Brazilian ice coffee to thirsty visitors.

Centrally located with a large stand of their own, TAP, the Portuguese airline, drew attention to Brazil. Today TAP is the European airline with most destinations in Brazil, 7 in total, all to be reached from Oslo in one day through an early morning flight.

With the “Samba Ladies” on the stage showing visitors how to prepare for their Brazilian visit the “Reiselivsmessen” became a good marketing place for Brazil.