Brazil as a travel destination for tourism and business was featured this week-end at the Norwegian fair for travel and tourism – “Reiselivsmessen”. This fair draws an estimated 15.000 people, both business people and those planning their next vacation.


João Luiz Silva, Brazilian Embassy with Håvard Drevdal, Açai Brasil.
João Luiz Silva, Brazilian Embassy with Håvard Drevdal, Açai Brasil.

The Brazilian booth organized by the Commercial Section of the Brazilian Embassy in Oslo was centrally located and attracted many visitors.  Posters and marketing brochures presented highlights of Brazil as a tourist destination.  The embassy staff was present with Market Advisors João Luiz Silva and Marcos Loreto.

The booth also featured companies offering services and products with  Brazilian origin  to the Norwegian market.

Travel agencies, like Brasilspesialisten, and the Brazilian airline TAM, had their representatives offering both packaged and individual tours.

The importer of Brazilian wines to Norway – Taste of Brazil – and the importer of natural soft drinks, smoothies and juices – Açai Brasil – promoted their product. TINE, the Norwegian dairy giant, offered ice coffee based on Brazilian coffee to a thirsty public.

Other BNCC members had their own booths. The Portuguese airline TAP made a show of promoting their network connecting Lisboa to different Brazilian cities. The representatives expressed great satisfaction with the response they had from the Norwegian market, both business and tourism, on these Norway – Brazil services.