Brazil and Norway – Strategic Partners – The Views of a Brazilian Diplomat

The Brazilian Embassy, Brazilian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce(BNCC) and University of Oslo/NorLARNet

invite all with an interest in the relations between Brazil and Norway to an open meeting

Wednesday 28th March at 10:00 at Shippingklubben, Haakon VIIs gt. 1.

Presentation of the first Brazilian diplomatic thesis on the strategic relations between Brazil and Norway. The thesis was prepared and will be presented by Minister Counselor Paulo Guimaraes.

The topic as seen from the Norwegian point of view will be discussed by among others:

State Secretary Rikke Lind, NHD

Benjamin de Carvalho, NUPI

Torkjell Leira, ex-Rainforest Foundation

Norwegian business community representatives


Attendants are requested to please register at or  before 26th March.

This open meeting takes place following the Annual General Meeting of BNCC at 09:00. Separate invitation to the AGM has been sent members of BNCC.