BNCC presentations at Brazil seminars in Bergen and Trondheim

Brazil is very much in focus these days. Innovation Norway and NME did on October 21 hold a seminar on how to do business in Brazil and October 26th saw BNCC representatives participating as speakers at seminars both in Bergen and Trondheim. Also, on November 10th the business organization Greater Stavanger will host a Brazil Day in Stavanger.

In Bergen, Harald Martinsen spoke at the Annual Meeting of NORLARNET(Norwegian Latin American Research Network). The subject was whether research can play a role in how Norwegian business meets challenges and responsibilities in Brazil. Social responsibility and examples on how Norwegian business has met this challenge was highlighted. The presentation is found below.

HM presentation to Norlarnet 2011-10-26 BNCC
In Trondheim, BNCC President Terje Staalstrøm spoke at Marintekniske Dager at NTNU. The topic was challenges in developing business in Brazil. In addition to tangible issues like taxes, bureaucracy and corruption, intangibles like cultural differences in a negotiation process were covered. The presentation is found below.

BNCC Marintekniske dager NTNU 2011