BNCC Meeting discusses the Diplomatic Thesis by Minister Counselor Paulo Guimaraes on the relations between Brazil and Norway

On the occasion of the AGM of BNCC, a joint open meeting was arranged by
BNCC, the Brazilian Embassy in Oslo and UiO/SUM

to hear a presentation by Minister Counselor Paulo Guimaraes of his
diplomatic thesis:

” Brasil – Noruega. Construção de parcerias em áreas de importância


“Brasil – Norge .  For et samarbeid innen områder av startegisk betydning”

The presentation was followed by comments from Deputy Minister Rikke Lind
from Ministry of Trade and Industry, NUPI by Benjamin de Carvalho and from
Torkjell Leira.

Rikke Lind took the opportunity to thank BNCC for their contribution to the
development of Norway’s Brazil Strategy and gave an update of the ongoing
implementation process. Norway has started a dialogue with Brazil both on a
Bilateral Economic Commission  and a Bilateral Maritime Agreement. A Trade
Agreement is also desirable, but would probably be more realistic in a
Mercosur/EFTA scenario, than bilateral.

A Norwegian unofficial translation of the diplomatic thesis of Paulo
Guimaraes is found at :