BNCC has a new Board Member – Minister Counselor Paulo Guimarães

BNCC would like to inform that Minister Counselor Silvana Polich is leaving our Board of Directors and will be replaced by Minister Paulo Guimarães. We thank Silvana for her contributions and knowledge shared with the Board. We wish her good health and success in her new endeavours.

Paulo has already served at the Brazilian Embassy in Oslo between 2007-2015, and we are truly excited to see him onboard again.

PAULO ROBERTO RIBEIRO GUIMARÃES, 55, career diplomat, appointed Minister Counselor at the Embassy of Brazil in Oslo as from 15 September 2020.

Former postings in the Brazilian missions in London (1994-1998), Montevideo/Latin American Integration Association-ALADI (1998-2001), The Hague (2003-2007), Oslo (with responsibilities over Iceland, 2007-2015) and Copenhagen (with responsibilities over Lithuania, 2016-2020).

In Brasilia, advisor to the Undersecretary for Regional Integration (1991-1994), coordinator in the Department of Regional Integration (2001-2003) and special advisor on European Affairs to the Undersecretary General for Political Affairs (2015-2016).

Law Degree from the Pontifical University of Rio de Janeiro (1990), Course for the Diplomatic Career (1991), Diplomatic Advancement Course (1999), Higher Studies in Diplomacy, with thesis on ‘Brazil-Norway: elements for partnership in areas of strategic importance’ (2011).

Books on ‘Brazil and Norway: partnerships in areas of strategic importance’ (Ed. FUNAG, 2011) and ‘The Scandinavians’ (Ed. Contexto, 2016), both in Portuguese.

Speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Swedish, with a good understanding of the other two Scandinavian languages. Married with Geraldine Wadstrand Guimarães, three children (28, 24 and 12).

Welcome, Paulo!