BNCC grants Financial Support to Master Thesis on Norwegian Business in Brazil and their Cultural Understanding

BNCC has decided to award the Norwegian student Thomas Conradi Granli at the University of Oslo (UiO) financial support towards his Master Degree in Social Sciences.

Thomas C. Granli is a student at UiO at the organization of NORLARNET (Norwegian Latin America Research Network). He plans to take his degree in the spring of 2012 and the grant will be used for travel to Brazil to interview Norwegian and Brazilian business representatives.

The title of the Master Thesis is “Norske bedrifter og kulturforståelse i Brasil” (Norwegian companies and cultural understanding in Brazil). The thesis, once completed, will be available to interested members of BNCC.

BNCC sees supporting relevant scholastic work such as this to be in line with their objective to increase the awareness of success factors for a growing Norwegian-Brazilian commercial network.