BNCC General Meeting

The 2014 General Meeting was held on March 4th at NHO’s premises, in Oslo.


Prior to the General Meeting, members and friends of BNCC received an external guest, the State Secretary Morten Høglund (FrP), from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He updated us on the relationship between Brazil and Norway, in light of the recent visit by the Minister of foreign affairs, Mr. Børge Brende to Brazil. The state secretary gave a positive view on the relationship and presented some specific plans for the future. He also challenged BNCC to participate actively in the process and provide ideas and suggestions on the various topics, which will include a bilateral economic commission to be established.

bilde2-AGM2014Turning to the formal part of the AGM, 23 members were present or represented by proxy. The meeting was declared formally opened and constituted, according to the statutes by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Harald Martinsen. Mr. Martinsen opened the General Meeting summarizing some important points on the Brazilian / Norwegian relation. The agenda proposed by the Board and circulated in advance was presented on the slides and approved without any comments and the topics was discussed and approved by the members. The meeting was concluded by an invitation to the members for attending and wishing all welcome to the upcoming events, some of them described during the meeting.

Between the meetings refreshments were served in a social setting.