BNCC Board Member participates at EU-Brazil Business Summit

On October 4th Business Europe, umbrella organization for national employer organizations like NHO, met with the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and top European and Brazilian business leaders. BNCC Board member Katarina Sætersdahl from NHO represented Norway.

Highlights were the discussion on how to advance the negotiations between EU and Mercosur, of which Brazil is the dominant member. The main challenges are in the agricultural areas, which count for 22 % of Brazil’s BNP, but is characterized by protectionist measures both in EU/EFTA and Brazil. A Free Trade Agreement is however important for both parties as it would increase employment, stimulate growth and have synergies with other sectors.

Other important themes were tax issues like double taxation, taxation of the service sector and the taxation differences between the separate states in Brazil.

It should be noted that there were no reference to any special trade agreements between Brazil (or Mercosur) and EFTA, of which Norway is a member.

Minutes of the meeting are attached.
EU Brazil Business Summit 2011