BNCC assists Norwegian Law Students studying Brazilian Legal System

Last week in August a group of 20 law students from the University of Bergen visited Brazil to learn about the Brazilian legal system. BNCC assisted in planning the visit and connecting the student group with renowned law firms in Rio de Janeiro.   


On Friday, August 31st, the Kincaid and Veirano Law Firms hosted a joint presentation for the group. 


The presentations covered  various areas of Brazilian law.  Members of Veirano and Kincaid took the floor to briefly talk about the Brazilian legal system, oil and gas, maritime, labor, corporate, tax and health laws.


The seminar also counted with the presence of Dr. Klaus Doscher, a Norwegian lawyer who has been living and working in Brazil for the last five years, more recently in the shipping business, who shared his experiences the group.


As one of the motives of this student excursion was to see what kind of job opportunities there might be for Norwegian legal staff in Brazil or with Norwegian companies working with Brazil, BNCC supported the group as the excursion fits the BNCC vision of creating networks between Brazilian and Norwegian business.