BNCC Annual General Meeting at Yara International

The 2019 General Meeting was held on April 8th at Yara International, in Oslo. A mingling session with refreshments opened the activities.

Before the General Meeting, the director Brazil area responsible at Yara, Thor-Inge Storbrua, gave a presentation where he updated the audience about the company’s history and operations in Brazil, as well as expectation for the way forward in the country.

According to Storbua, Brazil is very important to Yara as a global fertilizer company. He mentioned that agriculture is a major driver for Brazilian economy, and Brazil has a huge potential with answer for many of the challenges of other parts of the worlds, such as vast space, good weather conditions and qualified man power. Moreover, Brazilian producers have adopeted new technologies which have increased farming productivity and profitability.

Storbrua presented the long line of acquisitions of fertilizer companies from Brazil and opening of modern blending units in different states of the country, what has consolidating Yara’s leadership position in the Brazilian fertilizer market. The acquisition of Vale Cubatão in 2017 stabilished Yara as a nitrogen producer in Brazil, strenghthening its production footpring and complementing its existing distribution position, which is the biggest challenge the company has faced in its operations in Brazil, according to Storbrua.

Turning to the formal part of the AGM, 38 members were present, among them 9 members of the Board of Directors. The meeting was declared formally opened and constituted, according to the statutes by the interim Chair of the Board, Mr. Aage Thoen. As no other candidates stepped forward, Mr. Thoen appointed Larissa Slottet to chair the meeting.


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