BNCC and UiO invite to a discussion on the relationship between Business and Politics in Brazil

In preparation for the Theme Meeting on Trade and Commerce you are welcome to attend at:

Litteraturhuset,Wergelandsveien 29, at 09:00

to listen to Professor Renato Boschi speaking on:

*Business and State relations in Brazil: an analysis of the impacts of the developmental strategies.*

In the last years, the Brazilian government was internationally acknowledged for implementing successful policies to fight poverty and social inequalities. In parallel, however, it has been also helping Brazilian firms to expand abroad through a revival of the industrial policies abandoned during the 1990’s. One example is the increasing importance of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) in financing long-term investments in Brazil and acquisitions abroad by Brazilian firms.

Prof.  Renato Boschi is currently an associate professor at the Insituto de Estudos Sociais, Políticos e Econômicos (IESP) at Rio de Janeiro State University and has published many books and articles about the political and economic role of business sectors in Brazil and in Latin America.

The arrangement is a cooperation between BNCC and the Center for Development and Environment at the University of Oslo.

Here is the presentation