BNCC and “Heia Brasil” partnering.

The objective of BNCC is to promote the development of business relations between Brazil and Norway. We do this through being a network among professionals, companies and organizations working with Brazil and Brazilians working in Norway.

But relations between people are not just built in business settings. Equally important, or maybe even more important, for people to get to know each other are the cultural experiences they share.


BNCC has therefore decided to partner with the initiative “Heia Brasil”.


Through this cooperation we will offer our members and supporters the possibility to join cultural and sports events with Brazil in focus.  Some of you may already be familiar with these events, but now is the time for all to broaden the horizon and build relations not just in formal business settings, but meet people in a more relaxed atmosphere.


In the right column of the BNCC website you will find a direct link to “Heia Brasil” –


We hope this broadening of the scope of BNCC’s  activities  will be appreciated – and used!