Joint Meeting of the 3 Brazilian Norwegian Chambers of Commerce

On November 25th board members of the Brazilian Norwegian Chambers of Commerce of Oslo, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo met in Rio. It was the first time representatives of all 3 chambers sat down to discuss issues of common importance to the business relations between Brazil and Norway. The meeting took place in Torre Rio Sul where a number of Norwegian companies are located, including those using the facilities of the Norwegian incubator offices run by Innovation Norway.

The Brazil Strategy launched last March by the Norwegian government was the main focus for the deliberations. Aspects of the strategy ranging from how to influence the frame conditions for Norwegian business in Brazil to practical issues like visa, work permit regulations, local content policies and labor capacity and competence, were discussed. A number of actions which the chambers felt they had the qualifications and resources to take, were agreed. The purpose of these actions is both to raise the profile of Norwegian business in Brazil and to work with Norwegian authorities and official institutions to facilitate the relations between Brazil and Norway for bi-lateral business ventures.

To realize and succeed with these actions a strengthening of the cooperation between the chambers is needed. The chambers are today the only Brazilian Norwegian business fora and should as such endeavor to play a more active role both in Norway and in particular in Brazil. Joint initiatives will be taken towards institutions like CNI (Brazil’s NHO) and Brazilian state agencies both in Brasilia and in the states of Rio and São Paulo.

The outcome of the meeting will be on the agenda of this month’s Board Meetings in all 3 chambers.